Kyle Richards

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    Categories: Anal, Toys, Jerk-off, Interesting, Solo, Black, Interracial, High Quality
    Added: 2012-04-12
    Duration: 1:47
    Views: 153
    Tags: kyle, richards, check, blacks, boys, crew:, flex, rico, solomon, re, getting, regulars, reason, added, total, 33, inches, black, meat, read, right, bois, thirty, three, week, turns, house, sitting, friend, *rich*, don, think, need, rich, toys, pal, expensive, tates, really, fact, keeps, whote, bo
    Check out the Blacks On Boys crew: Flex, Rico & Solomon. They're getting to be regulars around here, and there's good reason why. Added up, they total close to 33 inches of black meat. You read right bois...thirty-three! This week it turns out Rico is house-sitting for a friend. A *rich* friend. I don't think I need to tell you about the rich and their "toys". Rico's pal has expensive tates...really expensive! In fact, he keeps a whote boi gimp in a cage? Don't believe us? Well, neither did Flex & Solomon...until they saw it! Image 3 hung black dudes and a white boi gimp in a cage. That's the kind of hard hittin' action you've cum to expect at Blacks On Boys! Rico, upon showing this wonderful toy to Solomon & Flex, summed it up best: "This is Toy, and he's hungry and we're here to feed him. The rest you pretty much can figure out...and if you can't, all I'll say is this: the gimp didn't much enjoy 3 *massive* cum loads dumped all over his head, but he put up with it...and was put back in his cage for another day. I'm sure that day will end up being another update soon!

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