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    Added: 2011-09-21
    Duration: 0:55
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    Wow, these two cute Asian twinks are given the basics on what to do; you know, enjoy each other and don't forget the "Boykakke!" This "Raw Creation," is filled with tasty treats and cream filled goodies with Paj Beer and Vodga Soda. The sweetness comes from the inside, just ask Paj, who will be topping. The bottom, Vodga is all smiles as Paj helps the boy widen his hole. Vodga begins with his tongue on the boy's dick. Coming up hard and fast, Paj then returns the favor. After both are hot and ready for more, Paj bends Vodga over and begins to lick his ass. Paj's nice long tongue is getting all the way up in Vodga, who whimpers at the pleasure. Paj even takes time to nibble at the "furry grass" on his partner's ass. Zooming in on his face, Vodga's really enjoying the oral attention. The bottom, wanting more, goes back to sucking Paj so that they may fuck; the nice close shot of Paj entering, shows us just how tight this boy is. Paj thrusts as Vodga whines; the twink then goes atop and rides on Paj's dick. The top lies there, grinning and licking his lips, as his partner bounces and jerks. The two are so hot for each other, even the cameraman has to "wait his turn," for the shot. Turning toward his partner, Vodga is still on top, riding; Paj's happy trail is shown up close, leading to a happy ending for both. The top then puts Vodga into a missionary position to further their delight. Vodga grabs his knees to allow Paj further penetration. As the camera zooms in, a great shot of Vodga's beautiful balls, is revealed. Now, with feet above his head, Vodga moans as Paj is balls deep. Paj then grabs his partner's gorgeous feet to gain even more leverage. This sends Vodga to the edge as he gasps and smiles at his buddy. Continuing to thrust, Paj goes until he must unload. He pulls out, and releases a thick load onto Vodga's awaiting face, Boykakke style. These two are hot together and after their scene, they're not the only "raw" and satisfied ones. Download the full HD video at

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